I always believed in the motto "team work make the dream work."  Throughout the duration of my music career I have to acknowledge the core people who have helped me along the way and play a critical in the process of creating my content.

@bighe313 the producer


Big He is not only my producer but someone I can definitely call a brother.  He exudes the morals and principles that I stand on outside of music which allows us to mesh perfectly when creating art.  You can catch his work on every project I have dropped including a joint one we have together "Chemistry."  Be sure to visit his website follow him on all social sites for production and merchandise.



SP reached out to me regarding mixing a track and we've been locked in every since. He has been my official audio engineer since 2020.  I always appreciate those who are passionate in their craft and aim to focus on the art and the grind as we both say "the money will come."

YUng mic on tha beat


Mic is another one of my go to producers when creating exclusive project he has helped me create my own sounds.  Our chemistry is dope when creating we have even worked on the production of tracks together like Overload, Homage, and Hungry.