Draco Sev #TalentedTuesdays  

Draco Sev is a rapper and producer born and raised in Detroit, MI.  I admire his versatility in subject matter as well as production.  I even have tracks produced by him such as "Money Talk" and "Friends" being our history stems back from being friends from the same neighborhood.  He is constantly working on new material and you can follow him on social media @Draco Sev

Yung Mic On Tha Beat #TalentedTuesday  

Michael also known as #Yungmiconthabeat was born and raised in Detroit, MI.  He has been apart of the underground hip hop scene for at least a decade now and has consistently worked to improve his sound.  He has produced tracks from a few of my projects like "Go With The Flow" and "H2O Flow".  I admire his consistency and his ability to step out of his comfort zone when creating.  You can follow him on all social media @yunmiconthabeat and check out some his beats through his official site LISTEN NOW


Rra Rage #TalentedTuesdays 


Rra Rage is an artist and entrepreneur from Detroit, MI.  His drive and determination regarding going after what he wants is undeniable.  He has worked with many artists and producers from Detroit including myself, Big He, and Payroll Giovanni.  I admire his range in making music as he has not only tapped into the Hip Hop genre but also Reggae.  You can follow him on all social media platforms @Ra Rage and stream his latest project below!

Laj Lantana #TalentedTuesdays 

 Laj Lantana was born and raised in Columbus, Ohio.  I first recognized her as an influencer, model, and artist.  She is a young beauty with so much success I see to come in the future.  I admire her rebel personality in which she also exudes through her music.  She is the founder of her own brand Purple Lantana which features dope unisex clothing.  She is preparing to release her project "The Sit Down" on all digital sites.  Check her out on all social platforms @LaTheBlackHarley

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Keith White #TalentedTuesdays 

Keith White was born and raised in Columbus, OH.  He is the founder of #OkayKeithChoreography specializing in various forms of dance ranging from ballet to hip hop and even gained training from dance veterans such as China White.  I love how he makes it his duty to set himself apart by implementing unique moves in his sets.  If you combine the knowledge he has of all styles of dance with his flexibility, you'll notice his movements can be unorthodox.    He has entered countless competitions and has been recognized on social media for his remakes to some of your favorite tracks from musical artist. He even has 1 on 1 classes setup for adults to help build their confidence and skills. You can follow him on all social media platforms @OkayKeith_

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Styles By Capri #TalentedTuesdays  

Capri is a hair dresser born and raised in Detroit, MI.  I would say her specialty is braiding, especially childrens hair.  I admire her passion for the hustle.  She is always working and if not she is most likely thinking about it.  She services clients in the Metro Detroit area and is willing to travel.  Her latest venture has been expanding her brand BBI(Beautiful Bosses Inc) by providing more services and merchandise relevant to her craft.  You can follow her on all social media @StylesBy_Capri

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