It is now the December 29, 2022 and within this past week I've been strengthening my mixing and mastering.  For the past few years I have recorded myself to control vibes and the time slots I wanted to record.  My goal for next year on the music end is to work with more artists, producers, travel, and release more visual content.   Below is a taste of one of my latest tracks "Be About It" featuring YD.  This was the first track I learned how to elevate my mix and mastering on.  Shout-out to @CelDaProduct from Addikted To Music Studios for allowing me to utilize his space.

Latest Album/ep/mixtape

Affirmations For Love EP

Production from Rayquan Bangz, & Dagger Beats!

I wanted to add warm energy between the interactions of women and men.  My first R&B project I decided to step outside my box.  This project are for those who appreciate the aspect of love and companionship.

Latest Track

Deeper Than Music

My music is inspired by my everyday life.  In all essence I love every aspect of art so I try to display and share my beliefs in different ways.

Latest Video